It is the hunter's responsibility to know and comply with all local, state and federal laws and hunting regulations. Regulations can be found at and, respectively.

No lead ammunition is permitted on Tejon Ranch. NO EXCEPTIONS. Download our Lead ban Agreement.

No ATVs, motorcycles, quads or off-road vehicles are permitted on Tejon Ranch at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Automobiles are allowed.

Hunters on Tejon Ranch must be at least 12 years of age or 18 years old if hunting unaccompanied by an adult. Anyone handling a firearm on Tejon Ranch must have a valid California Hunting License. A non-hunting guest may accompany a hunter on guided hunts or through a membership package only if the non-hunting guest is at least 18 years of age or possesses a valid California Hunting License (a fee will apply). Non-hunters are not allowed on semi-guided hunts.

Everyone entering Tejon Ranch will need a valid access permit, which can only be obtained from the Wildlife Management Office.

All Ranch gates are to be left as encountered.

No littering on Tejon Ranch. Please dispose of all trash properly and leave Tejon Ranch in better shape than you found it. Pay special attention to micro trash: bullet casings, cigarette butts, plastic ties, plastic bags, bottle caps, etc. These items are especially attractive - and harmful - to California condors, eagles, and other raptor species.

All special status plant and animal species are to be avoided.

No alcohol consumption is permitted in the field or in a boat or vehicle. If alcohol is consumed in any quantity, operation of an automobile, boat or firearm is strictly prohibited.